The Celebrity Factor

Artists in general are very caring and compassionate people. Most appreciate their gift, talent and fortunate blessings, especially, if they have achieved a good measure of success. Most feel a need to give back. Since they have secure lifestyles allowing for free time, a great deal of them lend their time and sometimes money to further a cause they believe is just and true. They are comprised of Actors, Musicians, Singers, Dancers, Writers, Directors, Athletes, Artists and the designers of Fashion and Fantasy.

We believe, that, along with the assistance of the Celebrity/Activists of the World, we, the common, average Human Beings of this Earth, could do a much better job of governing Humanity than the typical past and present Politician. This is not to suggest that Celebrity/Activists alone would have the knowledge or ability to foster a solution for any of our complicated problems, but they have three factors that enable them to help in a meaningful and effective way.

1.) Most Celebrity/Activists do in fact give a damn about all of us and our collective well being. They have and care about the future of their children. We know that. Much like we know politicians and the financiers who support and control them, don't give a damn. Artists know an attitude of Peace, Compassion and Tolerance benefits themselves, their families and all of us. Together, we all inhabit this Earth and we all should be enjoying and looking after one another. Celebrities get it, and want it just as much as we all do.

2.) They are without the same kind of greed that drives Politicians and Wall Street. They do not need to succumb to the forces that guide Politicians who think of themselves instead of the people they're supposed to represent. Therefore, Artist/Activists can see clearly and make decisions based on results and not reward.

3.) They have the ability to attract attention. They have fans who love them and will listen to them. They can reach and motivate a great many people in a very short period of time and with few words. People identify with them much easier than they identify with a politician or billionaire. A simple ribbon worn will tell their fans what they believe in as an encouragement for them to get involved. It works.

The Artist/Activists of the World have the ability to launch and grow The Human Political Party with much quicker success than any other entity. And lets face it,... Time is of the essence!

Celebrities. Get Involved! We need You to be a part of Us!

Look at this list of charities and the number of celebrities who support them below. Then, imagine if all of the below charities and the Artist/Activists who support them were to become a guiding force in The Human Political Party. Imagine how quickly we would grow to affect change!

• Children 577 charities, 1836 celebrities
• Health 466 charities, 1623 celebrities
• Education 258 charities, 819 celebrities
• At-Risk/Disadvantaged Youths 226 charities, 746 celebrities
• Poverty 190 charities, 985 celebrities
• Cancer 169 charities, 910 celebrities
• Environment 165 charities, 648 celebrities
• AIDS & HIV 144 charities, 1008 celebrities
• Miscellaneous 141 charities, 554 celebrities
• Women 135 charities, 538 celebrities
• Human Rights 134 charities, 915 celebrities
• Animals 132 charities, 582 celebrities
• Family/Parent Support 124 charities, 542 celebrities
• Creative Arts 102 charities, 527 celebrities
• Disaster Relief 93 charities, 845 celebrities
• Physical Challenges 88 charities, 391 celebrities
• Conservation 87 charities, 353 celebrities
• Abuse 80 charities, 490 celebrities
• Homelessness 73 charities, 478 celebrities
• Mental Challenges 72 charities, 348 celebrities
• Hunger 67 charities, 506 celebrities
• Adoption, Fostering, Orphans 60 charities, 285 celebrities
• Peace 54 charities, 300 celebrities
• Sports 48 charities, 124 celebrities
• Veteran/Service Member Support 39 charities, 190 celebrities
• Water 39 charities, 215 celebrities
• Rape/Sexual Abuse 36 charities, 198 celebrities
• Economic/Business Support 34 charities, 180 celebrities
• Literacy 32 charities, 175 celebrities
• Philanthropy 29 charities, 147 celebrities
• Refugees 28 charities, 216 celebrities
• Grief Support 24 charities, 124 celebrities
• Substance Abuse 20 charities, 100 celebrities
• Addiction 19 charities, 55 celebrities
• Unemployment/Career Support 17 charities, 158 celebrities
• Gay/Lesbian Support 17 charities, 108 celebrities
• Blood, Marrow & Organ Donation 16 charities, 65 celebrities
• Oceans 16 charities, 94 celebrities
• Senior Citizen Support 15 charities, 57 celebrities
• Weapons Reduction 13 charities, 41 celebrities
• Depression and Suicide 13 charities, 74 celebrities
• Missing Children 9 charities, 42 celebrities
• Voter Education 8 charities, 91 celebrities
• Fair Trade 8 charities, 46 celebrities
• Emergency services 6 charities, 27 celebrities

Imagine the success we could achieve if all of the

above Celebrity Activists were to join, support

and guide The Human Political Party.


Celebrities! We Need You!

Leo, Please add 'Humanity' to your list of Earth's inhabitants that need to be saved to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation!