A note to Senator Bernard Sanders

From H. Andrew Eugene, Creator/Director

The Human Political Party

As of today, 8/19/2016, this note, regarding a third party run, is perhaps now irrelevant yet still important. It was first presented back on June 9th shortly after Senator Sanders had lost his bid for the Democratic nomination.

Senator Sanders,

          If the Human Political Party were currently more established and in the conscience of the American people, this would be YOUR political party. Everything you stand for is, and has always been at the forefront of this movement from the very beginning. This platform was actually conceived of more than fourteen years ago, not long after it appeared George W. Bush had stolen the 2000 election with the help of rigged voting machines, corrupt Florida Republican legislators and a bias Supreme Court. Yes, it was in this tumultuous atmosphere that The Human Political Party was first conceived. Sadly, and for many interesting reasons, this attempt at a new political party is just now being launched. It took this long and the right timing to bring it forward. Hopefully, it isn't too late.

          Today, June 9th, 2016, on all the political media channels throughout this country, the question is coming up,... "What will Senator Sanders do with this incredible movement and machine he has created?" Indeed Mr. Sanders, what will you do? There is a ton of speculation about what you might do and of course there are always those who will tell everyone what you should do, especially those who want you to stay in line and step up to unify the Democratic party to present a strong front against the presumptive Republican nominee. But I say NO! The vibe is ripe for a third party run and now is the time!

          First, let me say that I’m not afraid of a Trump Presidency. He still would have to deal with congress, the senate and especially the American people! If he was to behave as we all think he might, he would be stopped. In fact, he just might be the first American president to be completely ignored because it wouldn’t be too long before the novelty wore off and reality set in. Trump would go down in flames as a national embarrassment.

          As for Madam Secretary Clinton, well she is too embedded in the corporate system. She is the very definition of “Status Quo”. She will without a doubt be more of the same and “Fighting For Us” will go the same way as “Change We Can Believe In”.

          So Senator Sanders, if your third party run resulted in a Trump presidency would it really matter? I think not. I would also say your chances for a successful third party run are far more probable than not. Here’s why.

1.)   Not only would you have the enthusiastic support of those many millions who voted for you in all the primaries and caucuses across this nation, you’d also have the vote of the millions who didn’t participate in the primary process but have been paying attention to your message and likely have friends and family who have been talking you up. They're yours. At least a few million more.

2.)   Many of Hilary’s supporters would move to your side after they hear more and more about your history and service to this nation, the issues you have cited as the most important to the American middle class and of course, your national momentum would be too attractive for them to resist.

3.)   By emphasizing the Human Political Party’s message of unifying both conservatives and progressives alike against the old, corrupt establishment parties, many conservatives will have clarity, especially Republican women. This has been demonstrated by their actions. They are not stupid. They watched their party leaders actively obstruct legislation that would have meant progress for all Americans. They felt the hatred the conservative propaganda machine spewed. Most of them were smart enough not to buy into the rhetoric. In fact, most Republicans, your everyday conservative thinking American Republican, are so disillusioned with the GOP's paraded establishment candidates, that they overwhelmingly voted for the candidate that is most unlike the usual Republican politician, even though he is exactly the worst possible person to lead the United States at this particular time. Period.

          There is still a lot of work to do though. There are a few misconceptions you’ll have to clear up, for instance; you will need to clearly explain your brand of Democratic Socialism to those who don’t understand. I’m sure you’re aware most Americans don’t realize we already live in a somewhat socialistic society. A lot of Americans and even those that represent them in legislative positions think that socialism means Russia or China. They don’t understand that the Russian and Chinese people are ruled by dictatorships hiding underneath the veil of socialism. So you’ll have to tell them exactly what Democratic Socialism really is.

          You also need to tell potential voters how you will achieve the ideas and issues you have brought to light. Hilary has cited that it is “terribly wrong of Senator Sanders to make promises to the American people that he cannot possibly complete”. I think her message was somewhat effective. So you will have to lay out your plan of attack. That during your first two years as president you will introduce an agenda leading to legislation for congress to act on regarding all the main issues you have been promoting, issues that will benefit the restoration of our middle class. That you will expose to the American people those in congress who have blocked said legislation and we as an organized political mass will then vote them out and replace them with true representatives and supporters of our agenda. So that by the 2018 midterms we will have elected a new brand of American politician who will further advance the agenda of the middle class. When voters feel your policies are indeed possible, they will give you their support.

          So Senator Sanders, whether you use this Human Political Party platform or start another, please consider a third party run. You will have the continued support of all of us who believe in your policies and ideas, and many more millions of Americans will join us knowing that as a people, we can unite to right the wrongs of the corporate dominance that has stolen from us everything previous generations of great Americans had fought for and planned for us. In their honor, shouldn’t we at least try?

Thank You, Kind Sir and please continue the fight.

H. Andrew Eugene

The Human Political Party

Bernie! Use this Platform!

New! August 24th, 2016, Senator Sanders introduced his new organization to further the movement he created by running for President. An awakening of informed Americans emerged and proved to be both formidable and HUGE in numbers.

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Bernie's 'Our Revolution' movement may not be in the headlines lately but they are very active endorsing and supporting candidates and legislation around the country as the 2018 primaries move forward.

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