What is possible when we are

Millions Strong?!

Let me explain...

          We are a free capitalistic society. We can start and manage businesses on our own as long as we follow basic laws and the federal tax codes. If desired, we can operate these businesses in order to make a profit as nearly all businesses do,... and there, there-in lies the problem. As soon as you introduce profit and greed into the business model, it becomes corrupt. Its sole purpose is to make money for its owners. So all the way down the employee ladder, everyone's job is to make money for the masters and in turn, the employee gets a tiny little bit of that profit to live and support their family. Maybe. Eventually, the business becomes a giant, powerful, stinkin' turd that sucks up everything around it, a marching monstrosity of negativity and doom for everyone and everything in its wake, except of course, for its owners.

         These mega-corporations are the problem. The power they hold and the influence and propaganda they can saturate us with direct our social consciousness and beliefs. They are literally keeping us dummy'ed up so we can't see through the darkness they purposely create.

        We have the power to avoid these giant turds and in time, make life better for ourselves and our families. It won't be easy but,... when we are millions strong, we could make them somewhat obsolete. If we were to start right now, I believe we could destroy mega-corporations in less then 20 years. Here's how...

          We have to unite, organize and start a series of 'not for profit' businesses under the brand name "Our". These business will be in direct competition with the 'for profit' monstrosities that thieve from us all.

          As an example, lets start with auto insurance. We all have to have auto insurance. The current auto insurance industry is of course, a for profit enterprize. Let's organize a few million people and start our own auto insurance business. The only difference is, our auto insurance business won't be for profit. It won't have an owner or owners. It will be profitable for the benefit of all of us who join our own auto insurance agency. In other words, if you join, you are one of the owners but, instead of collecting your share of the profits you have a really low monthly insurance rate for excellent coverage. Instead of the profit going to a few, it goes to all of us in the form of low insurance rates for excellent coverage.

          How many Americans do you think would join 'Our Auto Insurance Company' if they knew they would get great service and full coverage auto insurance for $25 per month?

         This is the business model. Businesses owned by all it's participants without a profit motive. Those who work the business all still make wages just like all companies, probably better than the average because there won't be an owner trying to cheat it's employees to increase their profits.

        Once we master the auto insurance industry we move on to other businesses and eventually create a new kind of healthcare. One that puts service before profits, one that specializes in curing instead of prescribing, one that embraces new age medicine that Big Pharma has been suppressing, one that takes care of all of us without stealing our livelihood!

          The change we've been looking for is right here under our collective noses!. We don't need anybody's permission. We're waiting for our corrupt government and the mega wealthy who own our government to make changes that will benefit us and our livelihood but its laughable! We all know its not gonna happen. Year after year, decade after decade we keep hoping things will change for the better but we just keep getting stomped deeper and deeper in debt and despair. So, we'll just have to do it "Our" selves!

Here's how we could start.

          Consider the International Women's March that took place the day after 'Our National Embarrassment' was inaugurated. On January 21st, 2017, nearly ten million sane, informed, compassionate women took to the streets around the world to show everybody and our leaders in particular that,... 'We are here, we are strong and we're not going away! Stop the nonsense and get out of the way because we, the women of this world and the men who respect and support them are determined to end the reign of greed and corruption perpetrated by just a few. We are moving forward regardless of your incompetence and selfishness'. Now, imagine if those ten million women were united under one banner, one organized group. Wouldn't they be a powerful force? Wouldn't they be able to start and manage successful 'not for profit' businesses under the "Our" brand philosophy?

          Of course, we'll be attacked by the mega-wealthy propaganda machine and they'll scream 'Socialism' at the top of their lungs and some easily misled Americans will scream 'Yeah Socialism!' right along with them but we'll have to stay strong and persevere. Most Americans have no idea what Socialism actually is or means. They think they know based on the propaganda they've been subjected to but, they really have no idea what actual Socialism is and how it is supposed to work. You see, among the advanced societies of this Earth, Americans have been subjected to the most intense and unyielding onslaught of manipulation and propaganda ever endured by a mass of people as evidenced by the election of "our national embarrassment". Some would say 1930's Germany was worst but I think not. Hitler riled up defeated Germany after World War I in about a decade while Americans have been steadily bombarded by Bullshit for well over 50 years and some would say 100's! So how could most Americans have a clear understanding of Socialism when they have been led to believe that Socialism means the failed societies of the former Soviet Union or past and present-day China, Cuba and North Korea? Or the latest example put forth by conservatives, Venezuela. They'll site how they all failed and how their people live in a corrupt, controlled state of existence, and they would be right except for one little thing,... the fact that those aren't accurate examples of socialistic or even communist societies. They are Dictatorships! Dictatorships hiding behind a veil of Socialism! They were, and still are Dictatorships! Their people have little or no say at all in how the manner in which they live is determined. So if those Americans who have been misled would do a little research and realize the true meaning of Socialism, they might not be afraid of it and better yet, embrace it! Socialism has a very simple and direct description that should be easily understood by most Americans. "Socialism is large numbers of people sharing the burden while also sharing the benefits without a profiteer."

          Once embraced, they would come to understand the benefits of a balanced society. A society that can live with a good measure of socialism and a reasonable amount of well regulated capitalism. It is this balance that could truly yield a great and benevolent lifestyle for all Americans and perhaps, eventually, all of Humanity.

          Oh, another benefit of being millions and millions strong is the ability to present and elect true representatives of us, the American middle class, with our peers who will carry out our desire to live a more simple and benevolent life.

                                               H. Andrew Eugene for The Human Political Party - 3/2017

Think about this for a minute,... What is keeping us from uniting to force real changes that will benefit the way most of us live? Nothing... We don't need permission or some kind of declaration from our government or anybody else for that matter, for us to organize and take the proper steps to live a more socially benevolent life. We can make this happen on our own, we can literally sidestep our government while operating within the law by using the power of us all, together, United!