We are Humanity, sane, informed, compassionate, peace craving  Human Beings desperate to Govern ourselves so we can create the Life we all know we can and deserve to have!

In this era of Trumpism, when the stench of hatred and division is thick in the air, when what used to be a relatively civil balance in the halls of our United States governance is now a joke, when Americans understood the importance of decency and respect, when the notion that we could be so cruel as to separate children from their families as a racist political stunt would have been considered impossible, when the very fabric of our Democracy is threatened without challenge,... isn't it time we face our reality? That there are now two Americas? That a great deal of us have not been able to recognize fact from fiction, even when the truth is enormously clear and apparent some of us still will not budge from our ideals? Even when the actions of our leaders go against everything we used to believe as Americans? Isn't it time we consider something other than what has not worked for us for decades? The answer is simple, YES! it is time for a well thought out different approach with real people, real Americans instead of career Politicians or greedy corporate manipulators. Please help us with this effort.