Where we are as a society right now...

...and what we have to do to fix it.

Introducing The Human Political Party...

18 years ago, our country was divided over the election controversy of 2000, when the U.S. Supreme Court overruled the Florida Supreme Court and squashed a recount of the Florida vote between Al Gore and George W. Bush for the presidency. A mere 537 votes separated them and the flawed Florida ballot warranted a hands-on recount. However, the corrupt, conservative majority U.S. Supreme Court overruled the Florida Supreme court and gave the election to Bush without a recount and we all know what happened over the next 8 years under the Bush regime. It was these circumstances that elevated my activism and the idea of a third political party seemed a logical possibility, a political party for us, the common American Human Beings. Yet, like most things, life gets in the way and limited time and lack of resources slowed the progress. That was then,...

Right now, this minute, January 1st, 2019, the Human Political Party is simply a conceptual third political party idea. Perhaps, a wistful glimpse of what could be if the citizens of these United States of America were actually the ones in control, guiding our lifestyle and the promise of the American Dream.

So what would a Human Political Party look like?.

What we would strive and intend to be is - "A new unifying Political platform made up of sane, informed, compassionate Human Beings dedicated to the restoration of Peace and Prosperity for the everyday, hard-working American citizen. A platform dedicated to Making American life and Americans Wonderful Again!"

In America, the Democratic and Republican parties do nothing but divide us. They are old, obsolete relics of the past no longer capable of serving the needs of the American people, not to mention owned by the wealth and greed of just a few.

It is time to leave these dysfunctional parties behind and move on to a more functional political platform, one that will unite us to elect true representatives of we Americans and not the typical politicians who serve themselves and their wealthy owners.

Around the world, similar societies are enduring the same type of corrupt two-party systems whose sole objective is to hold the power in order to facilitate their insatiable greed, This pursuit of wealth consumes them instead of addressing the problems that regress the quality of life for their citizens.

Join us! Today we are few, tomorrow we will be many and eventually we will be many millions. Then, and only then, will we be able to force legislative changes that will improve the overall shared social condition for all of us and perhaps eventually, the rest of Humanity as well.

Join the fight! Together, Let’s Make America Wonderful Again!

                                                                           The Human Political Party

Please watch the two videos below. They represent where we are as a society right now and what we need to do to have the life we all deserve to have. Special thanks to the late, great George Carlin and Charles Chaplin - two insightful and inspiring Artists and Humanitarians who knew we weren't living the way we are supposed to and tried to do something about it, tried to inform us. Note, the George Carlin "The American Dream" excerpt is from 2005 and the Charles Chaplin excerpt "The Great Dictator" is from 1940, before the U.S. joined the fight against Nazi Germany. Both of these are quite poignant relative to current 2019 America.