In this era of organized and effective propaganda 'News' media, 'opinion' talk radio, controlled print newspapers, social media open to the world's influence and now, Artificial  Intelligence algorithms creating convincing articles without Humans involved, used to fool people on a mass scale,... how do we Americans get the truth? The actual factual truth? Shouldn't the truth be a right?

Is it time for a third political party? Do the Democratic and Republican parties serve the needs of the American public in an effective manner? Or are they owned and controlled by the wealthiest 1% of Americans who tip the balance in their favor? Is it time for a political platform dedicated to the Peace and Prosperity of the common middle class American Human Being? 

Most Americans have no idea how much they have been manipulated and influenced to think, feel and vote as they do. The fact that Americans were delusional enough to elect an absolute corrupt, megalomaniac, con artist to be our President is evidence enough we have lost our way and perhaps even our minds! It is clear the majority of Americans are fooled. But how? By who?

Americans, historically, inherit-ably, are wonderful people. If you’re over 30 or 40 years old, you’ve witnessed we Americans in far more acts of wonderful, than acts of ugly. We are wonderful people. Around the world, as a whole, Americans are known to be wonderful, generous, caring people. At least that’s the way it used to be. Now, because of those who control and manipulate us and because of the ugly behavior of our leadership, we are selfish and lost, divided and angry, and yes, ...sometimes, even cruel.